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Comment : Re: Re: Question for your PT- Any in Davis?
Posted by Ann_B on Wed 10:43pm 18 May 2005

Thanks for checking. I figured it was a long shot, but one never knows. I actually haven't been that active other than walking every day since I got the dog, (2 years), but I was hoping to rent a cabin at Tahoe this summer and do parts of the Tahoe Rim Trail. Unfortunately I'm having to use vacation time to supplement my pay right now, so a vacation this summer may not happen. It's funny, people think this is a vacation! At this point, I'm just looking forward to unpacking the rest of my stuff and being able to learn my way around my new town.

I'm hoping to get a PT referral from my OS at Friday's visit. I'm inspired from reading your diary and bionic barb's.

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 Wed 10:43pm 18 May 2005
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