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Comment : Re: Re: Crutches and walkers
Posted by AlisonQ on Fri 8:41am 21 January 2011

Hi Annie. Great to hear your update and good news about putting a little weight on the leg. You will definitely find crutches a lot easier now. And no, you're not a freak - I fell on mine on day 2 of my accident and then used a walking frame until I could bear a little weight. I am still using them now.
Yes, I am going for the record as the person who is PWB for the longest time LOL. At my last xray there was little bone growth so at 12 weeks I was still not allowed to come off them. I am seeing my consultant on Tuesday (25th) and this will be 18 weeks since ORIF so hopefully bone growth.
My ROM is still very poor - 70! So I know there is something else wrong and I need arthroscopy next. My physiotherapist really worried me today at hydrotherapy and started talking about ACL Reconstruction, microfracture, meniscus removal and a whole raft of things which may/may not be discovered when the camera goes in.
Eeeek - this TPF journey is not good! I don't know about you but I really miss walking the dog!

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 Fri 8:41am 21 January 2011
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