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Comment : Re: Re: Me too - TPF and knocked over by a dog
Posted by Courtney on Sat 7:42pm 22 January 2011

Hi Annie,

Your description of how your injury felt to you bought back a lot of memories. I have shown people your post to show what I felt. I remember trying to stand up on my leg thinking it was the only way I was going to get home and realising that was not going to happen. Hopping caused extreme pain and I also felt like a bystander. Thank you for posting that part so I could explain it to others. I have now (13 wks post surgery) learnt to stand up by myself, don't know how I stood up that day.

I fell off my bike and got a TPF but it was because my very strong (staffy x) dog stopped as he decided to sniff the grass. My fault, I was rushing and forgot that was his sniffing spot, thought he would keep running. Alison's post above really got to me as my dog (long term member of my family) could have been hurt by the bike falling on him, I'm so glad he wasn't. I must admit that he has had his own unintended punishment from this episode, I haven't been able to take him for a walk in over 3 months.

Good Luck with your recovery.

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 Sat 7:42pm 22 January 2011
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