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Comment : chin up girl
Posted by Joanne_M on Sat 1:49am 19 February 2011

Hi Annie, we have similar injuries and on a similar timeframe and seem to be making similar progress, so you will get there. I usually get further during physio and often can't replicate, but apparently that's because you lose the muscle strength and so have to work to get that too.

I see a private physio too, which my husband drives me to twice a week (they open early and late so you can often work it around their work days....for instance, mine sometime opens until 8 or 9 at night!) And I have found them much better. They push me very very hard and it is very painful, but I am seeing progress and I get good advice on lots of things, for instance, getting up and down stairs properly, when to drive, how to use crutches properly (nhs seem to not do these things well).

You should shop around when choosing one. I have private health care fortunately, but the same applies if you are paying yourself....I looked at sports injury specialists as felt they would push me the most. The one I go to is EMPC in Loughborough which does a lot of work with the FA and other sports people. It is 40 per session which last about 45-60 minutes, so don't think its bad for the standard of care. There are however ones that only charge 30.

I would also check to see if they have dealt with your injury much and whether they mind inflicting pain....I know that sounds silly, but some physios can't bring themselves to push you that much as can't deal with it. However, to avoid manipulation under aneasthetic, you need someone to push you really hard and often through the pain barrier......I hate it and often scream, but have full confidence in my physio and see the improvement it is making.

Hope this helps and that you are feeling a bit happier this morning. We all have black days, but it sounds like you're doing ok considering your type of injury.

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 Sat 1:49am 19 February 2011
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