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Comment : Re: well done!
Posted by Alison_Q on Sat 1:46pm 26 February 2011

Oh Annie - sending you lots of healing hugs. I do hope you are not following in my footsteps as I get very little pain from the scar and actual fracture site - its the rest of the knee that hurts! Good luck with the ROM too - you are already further than me so you are doing great!
Not sure how impressed you are with the NHS physios but I haven't been too happy with mine. She has told me there is nothing more she can do for me and I will have to be referred back again after my 2nd op in May as a new patient. When I said that my knee surgeon had requested I continue with physiotherapy and working on quads and ROM, she said "he meant do your home exercises, not come here". Needless to say I will not be returning to her!! Waste of space and does zero hands on work.
Hope you have survived half term :)

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 Sat 1:46pm 26 February 2011
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