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Comment : Re: Re: well done!
Posted by annie_L on Sun 3:19pm 27 February 2011

Hi Alison, like you. Little pain from the scar & fracture, but wow, I get it from everywhere else. I massage it and work it but it doesn't really get any better. As soon as one bit stops hurting another one starts. I am going to keep on with this. I am not going to settle anything less than I had before. I wasn't 100% in this knee but I am determined to get back to what I had before or better. I will make a nuisance of myself every step of the way (no pun). Unfortunately the NHS are pushed to the limit. My physio does some manipulation and pushes my ROM, but its only 30 mins once a week. The rest of it has been sheer hard work on my part. I suspect I may end up the same way as you with extra surgery.

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 Sun 3:19pm 27 February 2011
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