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Comment : Re: Private physio
Posted by Annie_L on Sun 8:31am 13 March 2011

I think its fair to say that Liz is tough but nice with it. I am in more pain on the whole though as I am really trying hard to make sure I stand correctly. My posture has gone to pot. I seem to stick my bum out the whole time now and feel every time I stand up I have to tuck it under, hold the tummy in and make sure the leg is in the right place. Is it 30 days to make a habit? Long way to go.
Walking around the house now without a crutch and can go upstairs without one. Use it to come down though, so I am usually walking upstairs with it tucked under my arm now along with the stuff I can now carry upstairs.
The amount of pain I get from just doing ordinary things though, does still shock me. When I get out of the car my outside of my knee is so painful I can hardly straighten it. I bought a new car yesterday and I'm really looking forward to driving again but I just can't see myself getting out of it without having to pause and lean on my crutch before I can do anything.
It is also generally agreed that it definately my turn to walk the dog. But when? I still can't see myself walking him for ages.
No puns intended, but this is a long road to walk.

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 Sun 8:31am 13 March 2011
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