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Comment : Re: Me too - TPF and knocked over by my dog
Posted by Annie L on Wed 9:25am 19 January 2011

Hi Alison
I'm glad you got in touch because I read your diary too and thought how similiar it sounded to mine. The surgeon is concerned as he thinks I may have problems with bone density as he didn't think this sort of injury should happen from being knocked over by a dog. All I can say is that he doesn't read this website. If I speak to anybody who owns a dog they can completely understand it, even the porter who took me down to surgery wasn't surprised. 6 week check tomorrow, I'm encouraged by your diary, it would be great if they let me start PWB tomorrow but I am trying to convince myself that I have another 4 weeks or so with my feet up so I don't get too disappointed.
I'll be posting my update

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 Wed 9:25am 19 January 2011
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