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Comment : Re: how are you doing?
Posted by Annie_L on Wed 2:47pm 13 April 2011

Hello, its really nice to hear from you.
I am also stuck at that 'magical' 100 degrees. It will go a little further with work but the improvement doesn't stick. I am really working it hard to keep it mobile, I use my exercise bike every day and I am walking much more. No crutches though. I am finding that I can walk quite along way, but by the end of the day I am really suffering. Quite often wakes me at night. Just been signed off work until Mid May, I find it really hard to sit at a desk for anything longer than about 15 minutes. The stupid knee just seizes up and I really have to struggle through the pain to straighten and walk properly. Standing gets too painful to bear as well. I sound a real old crock.

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 Wed 2:47pm 13 April 2011
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