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Annie_L : Surgery and Early Days
Diary entry posted Wed 9:57am 19 January 2011

I got admitted to hospital straight away and spent 2 days ward hopping because the hospital was so full before I got on the ortheopaedic ward. I did get some tea and toast on my first evening but after that I was Nil by Mouth as I was on the emergency surgery list. On Friday morning, I was finally told that I wouldn't have surgery until Saturday morning and got some food - bliss!
Turns out I had been bumped off the list after a case conference and given over to a more specialised surgeon. Got taken down to theatre about 9am. I think I was there for about 2 hours and I have a 14cm and 6 screws. I had a morphine drip for the pain but I wasn't very good at using it so I got rid of it after the first night and just coped with paracetamol and codeiene. I also had to have 3 enormous shots of IV antibiotics in case of infection.
By now I had really had enough of hospital. It was too hot and noisy, I wasn't sleeping and the food was terrible. My husband got regular texts telling him to bring me extra food and when Sharon brought me in an enormous cappuccino and a bar of chocolate I nearly kissed her. I decided the day after surgery that I was going home as soon as possible but the Physios weren't in until Monday, so that was going to be my 'Get out of Hospital' Day. My family went into overdrive and got the house ready for me, moving a bed downstairs and hiring a wheelchair from the Red Cross. My sister-in- law is an Occupational Therapist so she risk assessed it all and convinced herself I would be able to cope. On Monday I passed my 'Using the Walker' test with flying colours, crutches weren't so good. Unfortunately the doctors decided to send me home with 6 weeks of blood thinning injections. My stomach resembles a pin cushion.
The first days at home were wondeful, my husband and children were (and still are) so attentive and supportive. I was back to the hospital on 23rd Dec. and got an early Christmas present, I got rid of my full length cast and I'm now in a knee brace. So much lighter and easier to get around but obviously still completely non weightbearing.
Tomorrow 20th Jan I am back to hospital for my 6 week check up. I've written a list of questions that I must remember to ask. I do hope its going to be good news.

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 Wed 9:57am 19 January 2011
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