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Comment : Me too - TPF and knocked over by a dog
Posted by Laurie (SadieMom) on Thu 6:04pm 20 January 2011

I'm another TPF caused by dog impact more or less at a field. I was at our local dog park when I got in the way of a lively game of chase. The first dog missed me but one of the chasers hit my left leg and I was down. I knew something was very wrong when I couldn't stand on it but was expecting a ligament diagnosis.

I am now one year past injury and surgery and feeling probably 95%

The PA who diagnosed me also expressed doubt that a dog could do this without being injured itself. Nope, those heads and chests are awfully hard!

I was cleared to WBAT at 7 weeks but it seems like that's on the early side. I'll copy in my signature so you can see my timeline:
12/30/09 Tibial Plateau Fracture - put in immobilizer at urgent care
01/05/10 ORIF, 1 plate, 4 screws, allograft
01/18/10 Staples removed
02/22/10 OS visit - cleared for WBAT and began PT (7 weeks post-surg)
4/10 - released from PT, all going well

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 Thu 6:04pm 20 January 2011
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