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Anthony_D : Broke my tibia in one place
Diary entry posted Thu 4:40pm 6 November 2003

I'm 17 years old and was driving recklessly on a curvy and deadly road. Many people have wrecked on this road, and if they didnít die, then they probably came pretty close to it.

I myself was lucky enough to be one of the ones who came close to it. After hittin a straight stretch I came into a spell of curves too fast and found myself losing traction and spun out into a utility pole. The pole went 26 inches into my driverís side door, mainly impacting my legs.

I was unconscious, my legs were sandwiched in the scrap metal bleeding, and my left tibia fractured in one place 3/4 down the bone and popped out the flesh towards the inner part of my calf...gnarly. My fibula bent, and sharp bars of metal in my dash were close to breaking my right leg, but just cut to the bone instead.

I was very fit and in good shape at the time of the accident and this was a great advantage because I suffered minimal injuries as well as a speedy healing and recovery.

So I was saved by local volunteer firemen who showed up within minutes and spent and hour and a half getting me out of the totaled car using the Jaws of Life. As the jaws clenched my car and snapped it I could feel the pain in my legs explode and multiply. I have few memories of the experience.

Then I was taken to the hospital 20 minutes away by ambulance, sewn up and put in a full leg fiberglass cast. I spent 3 nights in the hospital and then went home where I was bed ridden for another few. I was able to get up at the hospital and walk around on crutches twice, but as I became vertical I could feel the blood in my leg rush down and it would throb intensely, making me inclined to stay horizontal, or at least get from one place to another very quickly. This lasted for a solid week and a half after I left the hospital.

I preferred the crutches to the wheel chair because sitting with my leg being the lowest point on my body was excruciating. I spent a lot of my time on my bed, moved out to the living room with my left broken leg under two pillows elevating it for comfort. The cast bent my leg at my knee in an obtuse angle. In other words: if my femur was at six oíclock my tibia was at two. This angle was probably best for my leg but didnít always feel like it.

I was bed ridden for the first few days at home, but within the first week I was getting up on the crutches and moving some where quick where a chair was waiting, usually to enjoy the October harvest sunshine and to smell the fresh air. The pain was always there though. At least for the first couple of weeks, even on the vicidin I was taking all the time it throbbed and ached.

One day less than two weeks after the accident I got a new cast. After an X-Ray I got the full leg cast sawed off and a new fiberglass cast wrapped around the leg. It was entirely below the knee and around the foot, open toes. Much nicer. Instantly it felt much better. I could then stand up on both feet and bare a fairly good amount of weight onto it. From there it started getting easier, I was much more able and mobile having a leg that bent and the throbbing that made it impossible to stand up for more than 30 seconds was gone.

After a few days of having my new cast I started going to class when I felt like it and every day it got easier and easier. Today is exactly one month from the day of my accident. I have been off pain killers for about a week although I still feel pain, both long aches and spontaneous sharp pains.

I can crutch myself anywhere I want for any amount of distance my arms will permit; rarely does my leg hurt from being vertical anymore. Iíve been going to school regularly and I can bare a whole lot of weight on it, but definitely not all of it. I canít wait to get this bastard cast off my leg and get back to walking. Ahhh yes. That happens in 10 days (from when i originally wrote this), Iím looking forward to it. Iíll update after that, Iíll be feeling even better.

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 Thu 4:40pm 6 November 2003
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