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Anthony_D : Cast is OFF awwww YEAH
Diary entry posted Sat 5:46pm 8 November 2003

Yeah so I had a visit to the Dr. office yesterday, and we sawed off my Toe-Knee cast right away, I was surprised at how light weight it was. I had quite a gnarly leg underneath. Lots of scabs, dead skin, and shedded leg hair.

I got an X-Ray and he said it looked very good. Told me "you sure know how to heal bones" so eating well and all the vitamins and smoothies have definitley helped. The dark lines of cracked bone were fading and we could see bone build up around the edges of the bone.

I had been puting full weight on the leg when I had the cast on (which the Dr. suggested) but when the cast came off my foot was so numb that when I put it on the ground it felt like my leg was levitating. I couldnt walk but because of the good results on the X-Ray he told me I wouldnt need the cam walking cast, but I had to stay on the crutches for at least a couple more weeks until my foot and leg gets used to being out of the cast again.

My foot is still numb and can't really feel much in my heal, and can bend all my toes except the biggie. My ankle is starting to get more flexible and the hot tub is definitley helping that.

So now its just a matter of getting all the nerves in my foot to start sensing touch again and then I think when I can put my foot down comfortably, I will be able to put a good amount of weight on it and start to walk bit by bit, with the crutches at first, then one crutch, and in a couple of weeks I'll be walkin no prob....hopefully :)

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 Sat 5:46pm 8 November 2003
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