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Anton : On the road to recovery
Diary entry posted Wed 12:43pm 17 December 2003

I'm 57 years old and 4 months and one week ago, I fractured my left fibula, very close to the ankle. Surgery was a possibility since there was a chance that the broken end would interfere with the ankle joint. I lucked out. I was in a standard cast for 5 weeks and then in a removable "air cast" for another 4 weeks. I could remove the aircast at night to sleep. Luxury! When the cast came off for the last time, I figured I'd need a few weeks to build my (noticibly) atrophied muscles back up to snuff, and that would be it. Right? Wrong!

After I left the cast and crutches in the orthopedist's office, the fibula and ankle didn't give me any problems. It was the foot. It was almost always swollen (not to mention discolored)- to the point that I could only wear sandals. I was told that the ankle would be swollen for months but the foot was a surprise. Often, the lower leg was swollen as well. Someone on this web site suggested that compression stockings would help to keep the swelling down. They were right. Although pricey, (US$27.50), I took the plunge and never regretted it.

Then there was the pain in the foot. Every step was painful - especially going down stairs.I learned to "cheat" by puting just the heel of the injured leg on the stairs and then when the good leg went down, the ankle of the bad ankle didn't have to bend. In any case, some progress was made over the next several weeks - and then the progress stopped and the swelling got worse. I thought that I'd never walk normally again. Around the this time, I had to spend a day outdoors and walked (hobbled, really) a lot. It hurt the next day but I also noticed that I walked better. At this point I requested (demanded) physical therapy. I was a good move. I'd realized that taking it easy on the foot got me nowhere fast. I had to beat the crap out of it. The physical therapist gave me exercises to to at home and I noticed a difference within a week. Now, more than 4 months since the injury, if I concentrate, I can almost walk without a limp. It still husts sometimes but I can finally see th!
e end of the tunnel. I've been wearing shoes too. I can't quite tie them at time due to the swelling, but it's progress.

My biggest problem right now is standing on my bad foot only and then raising my heel. I can't do it unassisted. I don't have the muscle strength and the ball of my foot and the tendons on top of the foot hurt like crazy. I put my hands on a table to take some of the weight of the foot and grit my teeth - and then put more weight on the ball of my foot. I'm starting to see some progress here but it'll take time.

I've gone on long enough. even those are still with me are bored. On last thing - this web site is a great resource. Please support it by making a donation. I did.

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 Wed 12:43pm 17 December 2003
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