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Comment : Re: Broke tibia & fibulia at the Ankle...
Posted by paulette on Wed 8:52pm 9 June 2004

I didnt get hit by a rock but i did fall off a step6 inches the ground and went thru surgery last week. got the staples out this monday and a new cast, the doctor said not to put more than25% of my body weight on it for 4 more weeks.when i fail i was at a party and the people there wouldnt call 911. we were all drinkinking and when i fail they tryed to pick me up and carry me in the house and dropped me twice and then one guy decided to grab my ancle and try to pop it back in place. the next door neighbors hurd me screeming and crying they came and got me and carried me to the hospital.and i have no insurance and the friend of mine thati was at her house doesnt want me to claim it on her home owners insurance. and now i dont no what to do. Help me figure it out Please

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 Wed 8:52pm 9 June 2004
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