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Comment : Re: Broke tibia & fibulia at the Ankle...
Posted by Katie on Thu 8:04am 12 August 2004

Well I'm in the same boat Anton - July 10, tripped on a wiggly cinder block step and broke tibia and fibia - 3 days in hospital and had to fight to get them to release me..
I'm 62, bad arthritus and live alone in a sm trailer - cannot get help for the tiniest things and it has been a nightmare just getting thru each day. PO Box is about 15 miles away and do not know when I will ever get my mail - but am sure to have the same shocker you have when I see the bills! No way in hell I can pay them and no insurance! Missed doc appt 2 wks ago, no way to get there (35 miles) and am not going down those steps again till this dang thing comes off! Will prob have to cut it off myself, maybe to knee first. Had no surgery - refused pinning... After reading here I am more than a little scared about putting pressure on it too soon - but I HAVE to walk again - and soooon! Dang!


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 Thu 8:04am 12 August 2004
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