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Comment : hi from long ago
Posted by Yefim Somin on Thu 1:27am 25 November 2004

Hi Tony,

I believe we worked together for Computervision a long time ago. Although I looked you up without any reference to broken legs, I could probably give you one piece of info. This is a pointer to a water and exercise therapy outfit headed by the former therapist of the Soviet cross-country ski team. Here, he has treated people like Kevin McHale, Baryshnikov, Nancy Kerrigan, and the like, but also simple people like myself and my kids http://www.gis.net/~igorco/Pages/home.htm

I remembered your name, however, in connection with a completely different matter. I am going to the Netherlands in about two weeks and working on my Dutch. I thought that if I could find somebody for a couple of conversational sessions, that could help me be better prepared. I thought you might give me tips on how to find somebody to do that.

I hope you are doing ok in general and especially better with your leg. It would be nice to here from you.


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 Thu 1:27am 25 November 2004
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