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Aoife : When life throws a car at you.
Diary entry posted Mon 5:51pm 18 April 2016

Hello, I stumbled upon this site about 7 weeks ago, but only recently decided to join, I need to be apart of a community of like minded injured folks.

I was victim in a hit and run car accident, on my bike and left on the road unconscious. I'm Irish, 26, and moved to San Francisco two years ago. I fractured my fib & tib in my left leg and fractured my spine. No surgery but wearing an open brace and no weight baring for 12 weeks.

February 17th: 5.20am, cycling on my way to a workout, I blink, I'm in a brilliant dream, suddenly, i'm viciously pulled out, awoken with excruciating pain and alarming faces talking to me. I felt embarrassed like I was caught sleeping, wait, where I am? The shooting pain escalated up my left leg and through my spine as they tried to move me onto the stretcher. I shrieked not recognising my own voice. Grabbed onto the paramedics arms pleading them to stop. My mind began to race. 'Where do you live?' Damnit, that stumped me. 'We're going into the trauma ward now, don't be alarmed'.

'Don't move her head!' Be quick! We need to get her scans done!' Two officers appeared on my left side getting the last of my statement. 'We'll do everything we can to find the driver, mam', then it struck me. 'How's my bike??' I could feel the striking pain in my back as the blood starting pounding around my heart. They gazed sympathetically down at me, 'Just concentrate on getting yourself better'.

When the ortho surgeon told me a few CT scans later that I had you two fractures in my left leg an overwhelming pain came over me. A realisation that my world was shattered. When I get up, I workout, before I go to bed, I workout. I have always commuted either on foot or bike. Training 8-10 times a week.

Tears streamed endlessly down my face as I tried to soak up the information she was giving me. Heartbroken, and holding onto threads of any hope of activity. The surgeon grasped my hand, 'You're not paralysed'.

9 weeks on, i'm becoming more impatient, frustrated and deep rooted anxiety coming out of no where, I hope this gets better. I don't recognise myself, my body, I'm beginning to loath my reflection. It's getting harder for me to hold onto hope that i'll regain my strength. I miss running, swimming and biking an inconceivable amount. If it had just been my leg I could have gotten into a pool for upper body but since its also my spine I'm so much more restricted.

Being still is tough, mentally more than physically. Previously I always used exercise as my escape, my meditation. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can walk. I'm looking forward to the days I can look back on this as a distant memory.

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 Mon 5:51pm 18 April 2016
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