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Aris : Light at the end of the tunnel...
Diary entry posted Wed 9:05pm 30 June 2004

June 30th (week 11).

I went to my OS appointment today. The last couple of days I was very stressed and depressed, fearing what the OS would tell me.

Well, after the traditional Xrays (front and side), the OS walked in and gave me the good news: the gap on my fracture (at 7 weeks) was almost completely healed. That means that I can start physical therapy immediately, take off the velcro splint when I sit and sleep, but wear it when I walk. PT will target first to increase my knee ROM and then strenghten my atrophic thigh muscles. As long as I can have enough strength he will let me start driving (probably in as little as 2 weeks from today).

I could not be more pleased with the outcome so far - and with my OS who precicely predicted the timeframe of my recovery. My next appointment is in 5 weeks - therefore completing the entire 16 weeks after my fracture.

Thanks all for your great support in here.. needless to say about my wife and friends who help me all those long weeks!

Heal well.


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 Wed 9:05pm 30 June 2004
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