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Aris : 3 months ago...
Diary entry posted Sat 2:09pm 10 July 2004

It has been exactly three months since I broke my tibia and fibula of my right leg. I have been through the whole process of casting, crutches, splint, PWB, FWB, one crutch, PT.

And so did my wife and friends, who have been wonderfull, helpful, and encouraging.

They were the ones who called 911, ride to the ER with me and stayed all day in the hospital. They came by for dinner, went out for coffee, drive me to the doctor, and back and forth from work. Helped with the groceries. Listened to my worries and lifted me up when I was depressed.

And then it's you, the fellow MBLers, who were always here to support and advice. Being in the same possition makes a big difference, because you know how it feels and what it takes.

Thank you all for your invaluable help. And thank God for being able to recover so far.

Take care everybody, and heal well!


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 Sat 2:09pm 10 July 2004
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