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Aris : Update: Walking?
Diary entry posted Wed 7:02pm 14 July 2004

Week 13

Yesterday was my first real PT appointment. 45 minutes of stretching and muscle strengthening exercises were a nice workout. The physical therapist was pleased with the progress I've done in a week - my knee and ankle ROM is much improoved and the ankle swelling is substantially reduced, probably because of the compression stockings or the exercise or both. I am doing the exercises the PT prescribed twice a day.

Although at the end of the day my ankle hurts and is little swollen, I can walk without crutches for a few minutes at a time. Today was the first day I got out of my appartment with only one crutch - mostly use it as a cane. Have been taking some excedrin (acetaminophen/aspirin/caffein) for the pain. Tylenol (acetaminophen only) does not seem to work for me.

Since I walk and exercise, my OS told me I can stop taking cumadin.

Happy healing everyone. Thank you for being here for me!


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 Wed 7:02pm 14 July 2004
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