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Comment : Re: Hello there :)
Posted by Aris on Mon 3:26pm 21 June 2004

Joanne hi,
thanks for the wishes. No, my story-recovery is not that terrible, I agree. Could have been much worst. This site is realy cool - provides with lots of helpfull information and meet some nice guys with broken legs... Share your stories and pain...

Having a broken leg is not cool - have to say something to your kids I guess. Wish you don't ever break a limb - especially a leg.

Compartment syndrome is when the muscle compartments are swollen because of vascular or nerve injury. More common with large bones of the extremities - femur and tib/fib. There is a nice broken leg-related glossary (also featured in mybrokenleg.com): http://members.shaw.ca/mylesclough/ptinfo/glossary.htm

Thanks for stopping by - have fun..


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 Mon 3:26pm 21 June 2004
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