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Arlo : New Surroundings
Diary entry posted Wed 10:10am 12 October 2005

5pm on Wednesday 29th June 2005

It's official: I've died and gone to heaven. It certainly feels that way. The first thing that greets me as I'm wheeled into the lobby of the private hospital set in wonderful wooded serenity, is the cool, unrelenting draft of an efficient air conditioning system. My hot skin soaks up this ultra cool dehumidified air.

I'm admitted to the wonderfully named Copperfield Ward (named after David Copperfield from Charles Dickens) and placed in my OWN private room! Yes, a room all to myself.

At this stage, I'm completely overwhelmed by the silence. After the hustle and bustle of the busy state hospital and shared ward, here I am in library-like silence. There's even carpets on the floors so you can't hear the nurses approaching lol.

It's like a hotel, and but for the blood pressure machine and other hospital bed type gizmos, this COULD be a hotel room. Nice pictures on the wall, my own television with satellite channels, my own wardrobe (not much good to a guy who had all of his clothes cut off by the paramedics LMAO!!!), and an en-suite bathroom which is about as much use to me as a chocolate teapot in my bed-ridden state.

Still, a change is as good as a rest, and that's what I do for the next five days which is when the operation on my shoulder is scheduled.

At this early stage of my time in the private hospital, I revel in the peace and solitude of my private room, but will soon come to crave other human beings to talk to as one lonesome day blends into the next with only the odd nurse visit to break the monotony.

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 Wed 10:10am 12 October 2005
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