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Arlo : Shoulder Woes
Diary entry posted Fri 9:19am 14 October 2005

Monday 4th July 2005

The day of the shoulder repair op is here and frankly I'm relieved. The pain in my shoulder ever since the accident has ensured that sleep deprivation has been an additional torture for me to have to endure. I can't wait to get it over and done with as I (foolishly) believe that the terrible pain in my smashed humerus will ease.

How wrong can a man be lol.

I should mention that on the Saturday (2nd July), I'm given a temporary taste of freedom and get to see blue skies briefly again as my OS requests that I have a CT scan. Now the reason why I get to go outside is because the hospital I'm in doesn't have it's own dedicated CT suite and they have a mobile unit brought in via a big rig which is left in the car park. The CT scan proves to be an interesting experience as the two guys who turn up by my bedside to take me out to the mobile unit are impossibly large. I feel very Tom Thumb like in their shadows lol. Any doubts I might have had about difficulties in getting from my hospital bed onto the CT trolley are quickly dispelled when these two giants pick me up and carefully position me on their trolley as easily as if I were a piece of tissue paper. They don't even break into a sweat. Clearly they've done a lot of this before else they spend every spare moment pumping iron lol.

So the hardest part of my CT scan involves me holding my breath when told to do so (and when I see the little green smiley man above my head light up - anyone whose had a CT will know what I mean!).

So after the CT, it's back to my cell (sorry, private room lol). From midnight on Sunday 3rd, I am NBM (Nil By Mouth) which is not hard for me cos the only thing that I'm really getting through at any rate is orange barley water. I wake up in the early hours of Monday morning and my lips are dry and cracked. My cup and jug have been taken away, and my head is starting to pound. I call for a nurse who kindly allows me to sip an egg cups worth of water, mainly to moisten my cracked lips.

I fall asleep again and am gently woken after what seems like 5 minutes but in reality is 3 hours. The anaesthetist is here and explains that I will be given a nerve block after the shoulder op so that I will be pain free when I wake up. This will also completely numb the arm from the shoulder down to the fingertips. I sign a consent form after my OS comes in and then shortly I'm prepped for theatre.

I'm wheeled down to theatre and I speak to the anaesthetist again who gladly tells me that he too was involved in a motorcycle accident years ago and lost a foot only to have it sown back on again!! Just what I wanted to hear! These are the last words I hear as I feel the ice cold of the anaesthetic drugs coursing their rapid way through my veins to stop my brain dead in it's tracks.

In a drug induced blink of an eye, I awake in the recovery room. I firstly ask if it's all over (stupid question, I know, but EVERYONE asks that one lol) and then promptly throw up into a sick bowl which is a remarkable achievement as my stomach is as empty as Barings Bank. I stare down at my well wrapped arm and I can't even wiggle a single finger. There's no pain but equally theres no feeling at all. I decide for now that this is a good thing. The numbness will wear off I know, but will be replaced with its dark cousin - Pain with a capital P.

Oh yes, friends and neighbors, on THAT you can depend!

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 Fri 9:19am 14 October 2005
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