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Arlo : Pain, Pain, Pain
Diary entry posted Sun 3:57pm 16 October 2005

Monday 4th July 2005, around 7pm

No-one will believe me, I can't prove it, but I hope that anyone reading this journal believes what I've got to say next.

My left arm and shoulder have been abducted by aliens!!

In it's place, these extra-terristrial body snatchers have left me with a 10lb piece of tingling, half-alive, half-dead flesh which cunningly looks just like a human arm.

Well, it certainly doesn't FEEL like it belongs to me lol. Four hours after the operation, life has just started returning to the useless appendage hanging off my wrecked shoulder. I can just start wiggling my tingling fingertips.

A start, but nonetheless a good one. Or so I think.

I drift back off to sleep as I still have a fairly substantial amount of general anaesthetic in my system and awake again about three hours later.

First aliens, and now I've had a bedside visit from Leatherface (you know, the guy from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre), who has done his level best to chop my shoulder and arm into as many small pieces as he possibly can.

Boy, oh boy, has he done a GOOD job. I am in agony. I scream (yes SCREAM) for a nurse as the pain is all consuming and any and all other thoughts are driven clear out of my head as the pain receptors in my brain are turned up to the max.

I am pretty good with pain and up to this point, I like to think that I've coped pretty well and have been a good patient. The sweet sensation of the pain being driven away and temporarily locked away as I'm given a healthy dose of morphine is like nothing I can describe.

I try to put things in perspective, and I take a look at my shoulder to suss it out. Turns out I have every good reason to be in the pain that I am in, as the dressings on my shoulder suggest that I have two wounds - a 7 inch one which is cut across the top of my shoulder where a 6.5 inch titanium IM nail has been driven into the neck of my humerus and screwed in place to give the shattered bone something to cling onto when repairing itself in the fantastic way that the human body re-engineers itself. The other wound is a half inch long incision to accommodate a drain which is fitted into a bottle which has some very unsightly red gunk collecting in the bottom.

I turn away and decide that I won't be looking at my left shoulder etc for the time being lol.

Shortly after, around 11.30pm, my OS comes in and tells me that the operation on my shoulder has been a complete success and he was really pleased with the outcome, despite the fact that when he operated, he discovered after opening up my shoulder that my wayward humerus had punched it's way through a big chunk of my deltoid muscle which is going to require months of PT to rebuild.

Still, he says, it could have been worse, at least you still have your arm. I could have easily lost it either during the accident, or afterwards because of a compromised blood supply to the arm. Thankfully, the damage to my shoulder has not affected any major blood vessels or arteries.

Under the circumstances, I'm as lucky as I can be.

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 Sun 3:57pm 16 October 2005
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