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Arlo : How It All Began (Part 2)
Diary entry posted Mon 8:16am 10 October 2005

The day is June 21st 2005, for the record.

So the paramedics are by my side and the first thing they do is eskimo roll me onto my side and start pushing and prodding me up and down my spine. I figure they're trying to see if I've sustained any internal injuries. To cut a long story short, I haven't and it's only later that I will understand how lucky I was. My head, kneck and abdomen are all injury free thanks to the dead cows wrapped around it.

So moving on, the first casualty of my accident is the $200 pair of boots I was wearing. Because of the injury to my leg the paramedics feel that they have to cut it to get it off easily. I start crying and the nurse who is standing by me asks if the pain is bad and I say "No I'm crying because you're gonna wreck a pair of $200 boots!!!". At this stage, apart from the shoulder, I was expecting the leg to hurt like hell, but it didn't. Don't know if it was shock or what, but it's the shoulder that's giving me the most grief.

So as I mourn the death of my boots, the male paramedic down by my feet tells me that he's gotta set my leg straight to stabilise it at which point the very helpful female nurse stuffs a nozzle in my mouth (which turns out to be gas and air (Entinox)) and tells me to puff like crazy. I duly oblige.

Within 30 seconds, I'm away with the fairies. The male paramedic is tugging away at my right leg and I couldn't give a damn. I actually start giggling which according to the amount of gas and air I'd inhaled is quite normal. There's no pain and soon my leg is wrapped up by like a football goal post and I'm lifted into the back of the ambulance on a gurney. The journey to the hospital is a surreal experience as I continue to puff on my magic gas canister. When the ambulance arrives at the ER, I float out of the back of the van!!

I'm whisked into the ER and within 30 minutes, I have an orthopedic surgeon and a vascular surgeon who keeps muttering "bad blood supply to the foot" and "amputation". In my spaced out state, I'm glad at that point in time that I didn't realise exactly what he was talking about.

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 Mon 8:16am 10 October 2005
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