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Arlo : Daily Routine again and again
Diary entry posted Wed 5:54pm 26 October 2005

Sunday 14th August 2005

Still in aversion therapy mode lol. At times, I suspend the leg in the air like I'm in invisible traction. Looks rather silly, and Mum says so. I pretend that I'm doing PT on my bad leg to keep the muscles exercised. She's no fool and tells me so, "You're just scared to let it touch anything! Put the bloomin thing down!". Reluctantly, expecting the pain equivalent of being stung by a thousand wasps and bitten by a thousand snakes, I gingerly lower the leg onto the soft, fluffy pillow on my bed. Guess what? Yup. No pain.

Now I feel stupid.

Next step, try and put the leg down on the floor. At first, I mistake what my mum has asked me to do. I could have sworn she said "Put your leg into this extra sharp mincing machine". Silly me. Well in my aversion therapy state of mind, that's what I'm imagining it will feel like.

To rapturous applause and a standing ovation (okay, it was just Mum saying "There you go you silly bugger, told you it was nothing to worry about"), I put my foot down on the carpet. Guess what again? Yup. No pain. Surprise, surprise.

Wow, golly, aren't I making progress lol.

Monday 15th August thru to Friday 23rd September 2005

God, I really am in a prison. I'm definitely in an institutionalised frame of mind. I have a routine, yes a ROUTINE. It goes something like this:

between 9 and 10am - wake up
10.05am - pee like a racehorse into my bottle AAAAHHHH bliss
10.07am - massage my sore bladder
10.10am - swallow painkillers with a cup of coffee brought to me in bed by my wonderful mum.
10.15am - eat breakfast - alternate between cereal with milk and toast every other day. After 3 days, mum stops asking me what I want for breakfast and just brings me the opposite of what she brought the day before.
10.25am - hobble through to the front room and sit and watch the Jeremy Kyle show (to the US readers, he's a UK chat show host in the same mould as Trisha or Ricky Lake). This is one of Mum's favourite show but I quickly judge it as one of my LEAST favourite shows. This is a good measure of the quality of daytime television shows. They are truly awful. No brainers. I take refuge behind my laptop screen and play card games until it finishes. At this point in my recovery, I have yet to discover the MBL web site. Hindsight will prove to be a wonderful thing lol.
11.30am - PT on my arm and leg. Time to have a cry cos it hurts SO much! I've been given a dumbell to develop the wasted muscles in my shoulder. At this stage, I'm doing what are called active assisted exercises which basically means that I use my good arm to support the bad arm while I move it. The progress of my PT on the shoulder is measured in degrees of movement, with your arm straight down by your side being 0 degrees, your arm held out straight in front of you being 90 degrees and your arm held upright above your head being 180 degrees. At this stage, I can manage 90 degrees but with assistance i.e. I need to hold the arm in place with my good arm as I don't have the strength to hold it up on it's own. Any attempt to move the arm beyond 90 degrees at this stage upwards makes me cry - it hurts so much.

As I also mentioned in an earlier post, I have been given home assistance for PT from my local health authority who send round a really nice South African guy called Matthew. He makes me laugh as he has such a witty sense of humour. He really spurs me on to do bigger and better things and I take great encouragement from him. He is full of ideas to help me and gives me an extensive list of PT to do, mainly on my arm, so much so that I have to write them down!

Around midday to 1pm - lunch - usually crisps and sandwiches washed down with a bottle of milk shake
1pm to 5pm - yet more TV, but this is marginally more interesting as we have satellite channels and Mum and I both like watching the old game shows on Challenge TV, like re-runs of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Crystal Maze.

6pm to 7pm - dinner - one of chicken korma, sausages mash and beans, shepherds pie, roast dinner (yum yum) washed down with two or three big glasses of orange juice.
7pm til midnight - alternate between watching telly and chatting on Yahoo messenger on the laptop. This is a Godsend! I'm an IT professional and way before my accident, I installed a wireless network in my house and my works laptop has a wireless adapter fitted into it. Consequently, I can lay on my sofa and surf the web wire free. What an amazing bonus!
Midnight to 2am - somtime between these two times, I go to bed, dosed up on painkillers and try to get some sleep. With my change of pain medication, this is getting easier

Repeat above routine every day!

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 Wed 5:54pm 26 October 2005
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