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Arlo : 3 Days And Counting
Diary entry posted Tue 6:23pm 1 November 2005

Tuesday 1st November 2005

I can't believe it's November. Today officially marks the 19th week since my accident happened. It simultaneously feels like it happened ages ago and only yesterday. Does that make sense?

Well I'm still hobbling around and trying to avoid any situations where I might jeopardise my next appointment with the OS which is in 3 days time. But you already knew that lol. Anyone would think that I'm counting every minute. Well I suppose I am except when I'm asleep lol.

I've been lucky in one respect today in that because I work in IT and can work from home, my boss has given me a cart load of work to do. This home worker stuff soon eats up the hours for me and my hard labours are only interrupted when I pause to have a Pot Noodle with a chocolate milkshake (made with skimmed milk - come on bones, have a BIG dose of calcium lmao).

The leg and shoulder are both pretty much unchanged and pain free for which I am grateful, although the shoulder does feel a bit stiff and weak at times. To be expected I suppose. I'm just grateful that I can use two crutches instead of one to get around which makes life a whole lot easier. This is now possible (and has been for the past 5 odd weeks) because my injured shoulder is strong enough to support my weight via a crutch. Happy days lol.

Well, I've now turned in for the night having cheered myself up by watching The Trauma Room show on Discovery Health to see how other unfortunate people get patched up. It is a sobering program and often puts things sharply in perspective when you see how badly some people come off.

One last thing I will say was that there was a news article on earlier today which was about a rememberance service that had been held today to honour the people killed and injured in the 7/7 London Underground and bus bombs. The news crew had followed one particular guy who had had his left leg blown off below the knee and he WALKED into St. Pauls cathedral (where the service was held) on an artificial limb. Wow. What a fantastic achievement. There is hope for us all.

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 Tue 6:23pm 1 November 2005
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