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Arlo : Still plastered
Diary entry posted Mon 6:14am 7 November 2005

Sunday 6th November 2005

Day two of being an ex-member of the ex-fix club now. So I've been booted out of one "club" (the ex-fix club) and have now joined another one. The plaster club. Even tho it's fibreglass it feels like it could safely be used as a club lol. Will have to watch what the plaster techs do with it when it comes off in 6 weeks time. I might wear a crash helmet just in case haha.

On the other hand, the last time I wore a crash helmet I got into a LOT of trouble. Trouble that led me to joining THIS MBL club. May have to reconsider that option.

So day two post removal and I'm glad to see that the pin sites near my knee are settling down now and the bleeding has completely stopped. I'm able to bend my knee a bit easier now but can still feel a bit of tightness by the pin site wounds. I know that this will improve over the coming days.

Had a fairly quiet day today, and was grateful for once that I'm indoors. It was absolutely lashing down with rain and it was very very cold. Not a day for a stroll in the park (I wish, sigh). I spent a good proportion of the day upstairs in my study which has my "proper" PC (I normally use my laptop for most of my daily net access) and sat in my office chair with my bad leg down as I needed to say how it would be after having it down for a duration. I am intending to start going back to work part time in the next few weeks and have a work buddy who will take me in and bring me home. So I need to know how a prolonged typing session in a sitting position is going to affect my leg and foot.

Well my foot does turn red, but not too badly, even after 3-4 hours in the same position and even better still is that when I do eventually elevate the leg, it returns to a nice normal pink colour in a very short space of time. I can only conclude that now the ex-fix is off and the pin sites are healing, that the leg is starting to return to "normal" and the blood flow to my foot is now uninterrupted by the foreign body that was recently screwed above it.

Well, in readiness for getting up early again in a "back to work" type of regime, I take myself off to bed reasonably early, but sleep upstairs too which is a lot easier than sleeping downstairs as there is less noise and I don't feel guilty that mum and dad are walking on eggshells in an effort to avoid disturbing me. This is better for everyone.

So target for the forthcoming week is to increase my weight bearing on my plastered leg to further stimulate the bone growth that is well under way.

Wish me luck....

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 Mon 6:14am 7 November 2005
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