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Comment : Re: me next
Posted by Arlo on Mon 4:25pm 7 November 2005

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about your predicament. Seems to be a fairly regular occurrence, falling off bikes.

Did the bone break the skin with your injury i.e. was it an open (compound) fracture?

Sounds like you were worse off than me in the respect that I broke my tibia in ONE place only but fragmented my fibula as well.

Good luck with the ex-fix. My experience with mine was not too bad apart from the removal - think seriously about whether or not to have a full anaesthetic - I know everyone is different.

My bike was virtually new too - only a Kawasaki GPZ500 but it only had 800 miles on the clock. Totally written off so I've had to buy a donor bike to get the bits I need to make one good bike out of two broken ones. A project for next spring methinks. It'll be a while before I ride again.

Good luck with your own healing and I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the ex-fix.


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 Mon 4:25pm 7 November 2005
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