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Comment : Pot Belly
Posted by Arlo Fuller on Tue 1:38am 8 November 2005

Monday 7th November 2005

OMGGGGG!!! I've got a problem, and it's quite big! No, nothing to do with the leg this time, it's my tummy!

For the past four and a half months, I've been one the world's best couch potatoes. Well I could hardly take one step let alone run a marathon, so my couch has become nearly a permanent attachment to my bum. Initially after my accident, my appetite was stopped dead in it's track and I barely ate a thing for nearly 2-3 weeks. I drank orange barley water like it was going out of fashion but just couldn't face food. I struggled to eat anything which wasn't difficult in the first week following my accident as I was in an NHS hospital (UK state run free healthcare) and the (awful) quality of the food is well known to everyone in the UK. But when I was transferred to the private hospital where I stayed for a further three weeks, my appetite should have picked up as I was in far more peaceful and pleasant surroundings and the food quality was outstanding as you would expect, but still I struggled.

Not sure why, as anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE my food. Don't get me wrong, I've never been a big eater, I just enjoy what I DO eat, and love talking about food. I was never exactly slim before my accident, but neither a sumo wrestler look-a-like either.

But boy, oh boy, I sure seem to have played catch up since I've been home. Unending streams of good old fashioned mom's cooking have left an indelible footprint on my waistline. Oh, that and the virtually complete lack of exercise.

This has got to go. When my OS referred to weight bearing on my bad leg, I'm sure he didn't mean for me to also carry the weight of a small child in addition to my normal bulk! Ok, that may sound a bit melodramatic, but I don't really like it and it doesn't help me in the ole health department either.

So now I have an even greater incentive to get mobile as quickly as possible - to shift the pounds!

I've got my PT coming to the house on Friday as he phoned to ask how I got on with the removal of the ex-fix and I briefly relayed the short sorry tale to him. I'd like to think that he can show me some more effective techniques to get walking easier and applying more weight on the bad leg with more confidence (which is sadly still lacking).

I'm also pleased to say that the pain from the top two pin sites that gave me loads of grief for the first day or two after removal of the ex-fix has settled down considerably and I can now bend my knee a lot better. The only issue now is that the back of the cast cuts into the back of my knee which makes life a bit more difficult in that regard. I am considering giving my OS a call to see if I can have an inch high section of the cast at the back of the knee cut away to make things more comfortable - we shall see.

The cast hasn't started itching - yet. Any tips from anyone out there to help in that regard? I've heard that coat hangers and knitting needles can be a bit dodgy as you can cut yourself and not realise - not a great idea. All ideas welcome!

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 Tue 1:38am 8 November 2005
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