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Comment : Re: Re: me next
Posted by Arlo on Fri 10:55am 11 November 2005


My leg did indeed sometimes jump and throb without warning with the fixator on, although I had a different type of device to you by the sounds of it. Is yours like a circular frame that goes round the leg with sort of bicycle spokes going into the leg? Mine was a transverse bar with four chunky pins (screws) going straight through the leg bone - two above the ankle, and two below the knee.

You should find that the discomfort and pain from the fixator should subside in a week or so - remember that as far as your leg is concerned, you now have sixteen fresh wounds in it - thats a LOT of trauma for your leg to deal with.

Re pain meds, I can't really comment about the leg, because for the first 8 days after the accident happened I was in hospital with a morphine pump attached to me which obliterated everything! When I got home, I did find that I was looking at the clock more often than I should and was always thinking about the best way to keep popping pills without overdosing myself. But I should add that the majority of my pain was from my shoulder injury and NOT my leg - that seemed to settle down quite quickly.

I was on Tramadol for pain as I was originally prescribed Diclofenic (Voltarol) which is an anti-inflammatory drug. These apparently are no good for broken bones and actually inhibit the healing process hence why I was put onto Tramadol - these worked very well for me, but like I said, these were mainly taken for the shoulder pain.

I too was told that my boots (200 quids worth, cut into bits by the paramedic!) had saved my leg.

Good luck mate


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 Fri 10:55am 11 November 2005
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