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Comment : wish i were as far!
Posted by wayne sweetnam on Sun 8:27am 20 November 2005

I hate to sound ungratefull for whati have but it just doesnt seem fair does it?
its been nearly three months since my accident (motorcycle but offroad) and i have made no significant recovery. i have a compound comminuted fracute of tib fib in my right leg with myocutaneous flap which is a huge wound they had to haver up with half my calf and skin form half of my left thigh.
i have yet to go to go for my bone graft in january and boy do i wish it were sooner.my holp up was waiting for the flap to heal but unfortunately half of it died and after they cut it out i was left with a hole in my leg through which i could see my tibia (not a very nice sight i assure you) and was told to wait for granulating tissue to close up a 200 gram hole....
thank goodness its nealy healed.
despite all of my trails and trivulations and the knowlede of what is yet still to come i find my self deeply saddened by the fact that my leg is now 3 inches shorter but glad that i will walk again..... one day.

wayne ( south africa)

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 Sun 8:27am 20 November 2005
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