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Arlo : Latest OS Review
Diary entry posted Sat 6:22am 17 December 2005

Friday 16th December 2005

Well, after being back at work now for 3 weeks, the day of my next OS review is here. It doesn't seem possible that 6 weeks have passed since I had my external fixator removed and the plaster cast slapped on my damaged extremity. I think the fact that I have been at work, rather than languishing at home is a major reason why the time seems to have passed by so (relatively) quickly.

Being back at work has really boosted my mental faculties as being at home and laid up for so long has made me a bit mushy in the old grey matter department lol. I just never realised how exhausted all of this would make me. I've gone from virtually no activity to a reasonable degree of walking about PWB with crutches and having my leg down for 10 hours at a stretch. So at then of each working day, I justifiably feel like I've run a marathon. I realise that over the course of time that this feel improve as my body slowly readjusts to the change in tempo once more. Hard work, yes, but necessary.

Well I've also been recovering from pneumonia which struck me down about 3 weeks ago, and unfortunately, all this week, leading up to my OS appointment, I've been feeling achy all over and my chest has been tender. I've also been running a low fever for the past couple of days too. I decide to raise my concerns over this with my OS when I see him.

Today is also the day of my Christmas party but I'm now in two minds about going because of the way I'm feeling presently.

So firstly my Mum and I trot off to the hairdressers cos we both look like extras from a Wolfboy movie lol and then get a taxi straight to the hospital. We arrive at the hospital early and decide to head for the canteen to grab a meal before the appointment, only to discover that the restaurant is closed because the staff are having their own Christmas meal! A kind, sympathetic lady from the catering department takes pity on us and brings us a sandwich each to see us through.

So we kick our heels until the time of the OS appointment and I then get called in. The OS watches me walk into his office and comments on how well I look and is pleased to see the amount of weight I am laying down while I PWB on crutches - almost like normal walking he says. He sends me off for x-rays and then after examining them he tells me that the healing process is really speeding up - the fibula break is healing remarkably well and the bone now looks nearly reformed. The fx lines can still be seen, but considering the fact that a triangular section of the fibula was completely broken away from the bone with a big gap either side, this latest x-ray is a revelation.

The tibia break is doing very well too and my OS says that there has been a good addition of extra new bone growth. The fx line is still visible but is getting less and less defined. So it would appear that my efforts at PWB with a good degree of weight over the last six weeks have really payed off. My OS is really pleased with this progress.

Now comes the good bit! The best news of all if you like (for me, anyhow!). Well, because I've had an external fixator for four and a half months and a cast for the past six weeks, I haven't been able to take a bath in all that time. So when my OS offers me the opportunity of Darth or another rigid cast, I immediately jump at the chance of a removable device because I can think of only one thing that that will mean to me - A BATH!!!

There is one minor problem in that the PT department don't have any Darth's in stock and I am advised to order one myself and reclaim the cost on my insurance. Guess what was the first phone call I made when I got home lol.

My OS then tells me that it's time to start attempting controlled FWB. He asks me to try and take a step without crutches. I can't do this and my brain and legs freeze - I've simply forgotten how to walk unaided and with the added mental block of previous pain episodes, I am rooted to the spot. Undeterred, my OS asks me to try lifting my good leg off the floor, leaving the BL on the deck. I manage this, using one crutch for support - just in case lol.

So good news then really. My OS sets another review for 6 weeks time (27th January 2006) and encourages me to attempt FWB, starting out with standing on the spot and supporting my BL with one crutch only. He tells me that as my confidence grows, I will rapidly "forget" that I have a BL and will walk normally. Just gotta keep trying I suppose.

I then ask him about my chest which is not really his field and he advises me to speak to my own GP, which I do when I get home.

So I get home, feeling quite good all round really, except for my aching chest and slight fever, and get the Darth ordered from the PT suppliers - I'm told that it should turn up early next week. I then phone my GP and ask his advice about my chest. As he has been notified about my episode of pneumonia, he immediately writes me up for some antibiotics and makes an appointment for me to see him next week.

Well my good news about the BL is slightly overshadowed then with my chest infection. I just hope that it all gets cleared up before Christmas.

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 Sat 6:22am 17 December 2005
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