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Comment : Hey, Arlo!
Posted by Jenn G on Sat 7:24am 24 December 2005

Hey, Arlo. Just wanted to drop you a note that I finished your diary last night and loved it. I love your conversational tone. It was enjoyable to read and I found myself telling your tales to my husband. He has a motorcycle that I am scared of (and swear that my 2 boys, ages 3 and 1, will never ride!). he is very safe on it and took classes like you attempted to. :)

I am the family klutz, though. Friends say that if there is drama to be had, it will occur in my life. I guess I think it would be boring any other way. I like chaos, I suppose, though I sure as hell did not fall on purpose.

Happy Holidays and Happy Healing to you. You have helped in my recovery, so I truly thank you. What a wonderful discovery this site has been for so many people.


Stepped "gracefully" off curb with baby in arms, breaking tibia in 2 places and fibula in 3 11/30/05
Surgery with plate and 7 screws 12/01/05
Now in fiberglass cast
OS appt 12/28/05 for xrays and new cast

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 Sat 7:24am 24 December 2005
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