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Arlo : Christmas Post
Diary entry posted Sat 8:53am 24 December 2005

Monday 24th December 2005

Christmas Eve. OMG!!! It's now officially over six calendar months since I ungracefully threw myself off my iron horse at 60mph.

Following the good news I received from my last OS appointment just over a week ago, I'm taken down a couple of pegs again by a few more issues to deal with:-

- my pneumonia has returned and I have now taken a weeks worth of new, stronger antiobiotics (Levofloxacin) which seemed to have really helped.

- I have developed a bacterial and fungal infection under my arms and the skin there is blistered, cracked and sore! This is the most pain I've been in for months and is doubtless caused by all the crutching around I'm doing.

- early yesterday morning, I woke up and stretched, only to feel a muscle in my back go pop. I was in agony. I've been popping ibuprofen since.

Well, I saw my local doctor on Thursday (22nd December 2005) and he listened to my chest and said that it was still a little bubbly and rattly and has prescribed me another weeks worth of antibiotics to take all thru Christmas. No Christmas spirit for me then lol. Still, I'd rather be healthy and forego a drink than be breathless, in pain and miserable. He also prescribed me some antibacterial and anti-fungal cream for my underarms which has really helped.

Well, day by day, since my last OS review on the 16th, I've been trying to reprogram myself to start walking again. This is proving very difficult and I have an immense mental block regarding load bearing on the BL. I had a PT visit on Thursday 22nd too and the PT got me to go up and down the stairs using a single crutch and the handrail. I managed it and felt really good. After all, this was the first time that I've walked up the stairs in six months. Some achievement! Well, I thought so.

This has given me a slight boost to be more "adventurous" with the BL (within limits!) and I'm now finding that kerbs and single steps are proving a doddle to go up and down. I have pledged to myself that I will not get ahead of myself and will take things steady.

I read the latest diary entries from a lady called "Crystal" on this site and her latest misfortunes really put the "softly, softly" approach into perspective that I have adopted. She really has my sympathies, poor girl. A sobering reminder that even when you think that the light at the end of the tunnel is just within your grasp, anything can happen in an instant to take it all away from you and move it right out of reach.

Well, to everyone who is reading this, I wish you all happy healthy healing for the holiday period and beyond.

Let's hope that 2006 brings good news for the current crop of BL'ers on this site and also a vast reduction in the numbers of new "recruits".

Let's face it, we ARE all members of a club that we really would rather not be members of.

Still, this site has proved an invaluable source of comfort, inspiration and solidarity. The World Wide Web is a truly fantastic thing in that it can bring together a disjoint community of people from the far flung corners of the earth and provide for themselves the ultimate self-support group.

I look forward to writing new entries well into 2006 which I hope will all offer good news and more progress for myself which will help me and others.

Til then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

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 Sat 8:53am 24 December 2005
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