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Arlo : First Steps OMGGGGGG
Diary entry posted Wed 10:43am 28 December 2005

Wednesday 28th December 2005

The time is 1720hrs Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). A date and time which will be etched into my brain for some considerable time to come.

I don't really know what came over me or what I was thinking about, but I simply just got up out of the chair I was sitting in (at the computer) and walked into my living room (some 5 yards away) COMPLETELY UNAIDED!!

This is the first time that I have walked without any walking aids for nearly 7 months now.

I feel reborn, full of hope once more.

Okay, in a competition for elegant walking, I would definitely qualify for the wooden spoon as it was more of a Frankenstein's monster lurch than the graceful steps of our British Queen on one of her stately walkabouts.

But I did it.

I am, however, keeping a calm head on my shoulders despite all my heartfelt desire to shout and scream my head off. The old adage about never getting ahead of yourself is certainly most true in the course of recovery from a BL.

The road to my recovery is well travelled, but there is still some distance to go, and I will continue to walk the remaining distance despite the urge to break into a run to finish this awful race. Well, it most certainly isn't a race, it's a marathon, but like most marathon runners, the most important thing is to finish the course; the time you take to complete the course is irrelevant.

So in time honoured tradition, like the legion of BL'ers before me, I will echo that well-worn phrase to all of you who are thinking that the road you are on is never ending ....

"It does get better".

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 Wed 10:43am 28 December 2005
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