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Arlo : One Step Forward, One Point Five Back
Diary entry posted Fri 6:47am 6 January 2006

Tuesday 3rd January 2006

A Happy New Year has begun. Well, that's what everyone keeps saying to me on my return to work in 2006. So are they trying to tell me something, or have they all got a mutually, well kept secret under wraps?

I don't know.

All I know is that a new year is upon me, and I can now consign 2005 into my memory and hopefully allow the latter part of it to fade into obscurity and distant, well-forgotten memories. Ok, there were some highlights, even after the BL occurred, but they're mostly covered with the murky blanket of my daily BL recovery torment.

So moving on, my first day back at work in this dawn of a new year. What lies ahead?

(In no particular order)
- 360 odd shopping days til Christmas
- Easter
- summer holidays
- scraping the ice off the windshield of the car over the coming 2-3 months
- crunching through the fallen leaves in Autumn ("fall" to all of the US readers lol)

Oh and one other small matter - getting completely back to normal on two standard feet after losing 6 months of last year.

The saying goes "save the best til last". Well, to truly enjoy the delights of all of the above events that await me in 2006, the last bit above will have to come first!

So where am I at now you might well ask? Well, after the revelation of "finding my feet" in the truest sense of the phrase on the 28th December, I find myself at work once more. I walk into the office (using two crutches outside, just to be on the safe side as the hard pavement is less forgiving than the carpet at home in the event of an untimely fall).

When I get into the office, I leave the crutches by my desk at the start of the working day (9 am) and don't pick either of them up until 5pm!! So I'm walking (ok, LURCHING) independently all day long. This isn't quite the ordeal that you would imagine because I work in an office as an IT professional and therefore spend 90% of my working day sat on my butt! Still, I have to get up from time to time to get coffee (on my own!!), go to the restroom, buy lunch etc and I manage this all day long.

However, around 4.30pm I'm starting to feel tired and my leg is starting to ache.

Maybe I've overdone it. Let's see what a good nights sleep can bring.

Wednesday 4th January 2006

No work today. Overdid it yesterday. Leg is on fire and aching and throbbing like mad. Am laid up at home with the offending limb elevated and iced.

That'll teach me to get ahead of myself.

One highlight on an otherwise crap day, I get a phone call from the PT department of my hospital - they've arranged a time slot for me to come in and have my fibreglass cast cut off and have my Darth fitted! Whoo-hoo! Even better, the appointment is tomorrow! This is great news! Now, if I can only persuade my leg to stop acting like it's got a high voltage current running through it, then I'll be ok!

Thursday 6th January 2006

Well, my PT appointment is for 1130am. I get a lift up to the hospital from a family friend (which will save me around $50 in taxi fares) and then find out when I get there that the receptionist made a mistake when arranging my appointment and I'm not expected until tomorrow!! Well, I firmly state that I was told to come in today, I've taken a day off work and I'm here NOW!! Fortunately, the outpatients department is not at all busy and because I'm only having the cast taken off, I don't need to see my OS, which is just as well as he isn't around anyhow!

So I'm sent off to the treatment room to have the cast removed. The kind nurse who takes the cast off (very well, I might add) doesn't cut me or hurt me which is an added bonus. I then get a chance to look at the moth-eaten chicken drumstick that is my lower right leg. Ugh! What a mess! Four juicy scars from my external fixator pin sites, loads of dead skin and hair and virtually no calf muscle at all. What a site! Still, when the nurse kindly washes my leg for me, it feels like absolute heaven.

I'm then sent off round to the PT department to get my Darth fitted and it's here that I get a minor setback. Now, you will recall if you've been reading my diary that I started walking unassisted for short distances on the 28th December 2005. Well, that was accomplished with my leg in plaster. Now, trying to walk unassisted with Darth is a no-go and I'm back to two crutches again.

Clearly this will take some getting used to. But hey, I've got time on my side lol. So I'm sent off by the physio with some foot and leg stretching exercises to carry out and an appointment is made for me to come back next week for a follow-up.

I celebrate my temporary new found leg freedom by having a full English breakfast in my local cafe. What a belly-buster! I can't move afterwards!

I'm then taken home and enjoy the pure bliss of lying on the sofa with nothing at all on my right leg (for the first time in nearly 7 months). So when all is said and done, maybe the subject line for this diary entry should read "One Step Forward, Rest and Relax!"

I'm slowly starting to feel good again.

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 Fri 6:47am 6 January 2006
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