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Arlo : Barf in the bath
Diary entry posted Mon 6:37am 9 January 2006

Sunday 8th January 2006

After over-indulging in seven pints of John Smith's Extra Smooth bitter (my favourite tipple) down at my local pub yesterday, I awake on this reasonably sunny morning with some trepidation, anticipating (what I think will be) the inevitable pain as my head is divided in two by the huge hangover that has every right to be there.

But it's not there! I open one eye, then the other, and then slowly move my head. No pain, whatsoever. Now this is weird! I'm not complaining, mind you.

I can only assume that the copious amounts of coffee I poured down my neck before bedtime have rehydrated my beleaguered body sufficiently to stave off the pain that more often than not follows the pleasure of a social drinking session.

So I get up around 9.30am and make my way downstairs quietly (as quietly as a 17 stone (or 230lb) man can, especially when sliding from step to step on his butt lol). I have my unprotected BL dangling out in front of me and I feel very vulnerable without the protection of the cast now, as the Darth boot is downstairs. I'm fortunate enough to have been given permission by my OS to sleep without Darth which is a real bonus. Still, I take extra care when getting around at home without the boot.

Mum gets up shortly after hearing me despite my best efforts not to disturb her with the noise of my travels down the stairs. She makes me a coffee and toast, bless her and shortly after I decide to go and get washed.

Now since I got the cast off, there's only really been one thing one my mind - HAVING A BATH! I haven't immersed my body in a bath for approaching seven months now and my body is craving to be soaked in water. Since I got home after ditching the cast, I've been looking at the bathtub and have been trying to work out the safest means of getting in and out without killing myself or (worse, lol) further injuring my BL. So I do a silly thing (well, it would that way to an onlooker). I practice getting in and out of the bathtub without water in, so that I can figure out the best way of supporting my body in the various positions it will be contorted into whilst I carry out this precarious procedure.

After 2-3 attempts (all without incident I'm pleased to say), I feel confident enough to have a go at doing it for "real" and proceed to run the bath.

OMG, I have been anticipating this moment for a LONG time.

The sweet sensation of covering my body in H20 (most of it anyway, as my Mum's tub is quite small lol) is a pleasure I cannot describe in words. A very long drawn out "AAAAHHHH" escapes my lips and I can literally feel the pores on my skin extending themselves to the max to absorb every bit of moisture possible.

This is the very best rehydration procedure I will ever experience!

After about 5 minutes, my ear-to-ear grin drops slightly as I realise that the snake-skin that was previously well secured to my lower right leg has started to come away. Ugh! This is really gross. I tease it away from my leg with an unobliging hand and more and more comes away. I wasn't expecting this! Ok, I knew there would be some dead skin to shed, but THIS much? OMG!

So any intentions I had of having an extended soak are rudely interrupted by my inconsiderate leg shedding 7 months worth of skin layers in one hit. I can't refill the bath because Mum's hot water tank is an antique and I've already emptied it - it takes hours to refill. I've got no choice but to get out.

Well I get out (carefully), dry myself down and feel absolutely wonderful despite the excessive skin shedding.

The rest of the day passes without incident and nothing more of note can be recorded here save for the semi-permanent smile on my face that is there because of that wonderful achievement of having a bath.

I'm looking forward to the next soak!

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 Mon 6:37am 9 January 2006
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