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Comment : Re: You're a rockin' and a rollin'.
Posted by Arlo on Wed 5:07pm 25 January 2006

Hi Crystal,

From a BL perspective , the ordinary is extraordinary, the mundane is to be marvelled at.

I ask you, have you watched people simply walking down the street, looking at their legs move backwards and forwards without conscious thought and mused "I wish I could do that". We don't know how well off we are until the basic things that we take for granted and depend on are snatched away from us.

Life takes on a new meaning and everyday tasks become Olympic challenges.

I feel like a prison jailbird coming to the end of a long stretch behind bars.

It's hard not to get over-excited when for no real apparent reason, your recovery rapidly snowballs, but I have to keep reminding myself ...

I am not yet HEALED

I'm well on the way and will never again take my mobility and independence for granted. I've been given another bite at the cherry; this time I'll be more considerate as to how much I take this time.

Take care, good luck for Thursday and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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 Wed 5:07pm 25 January 2006
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