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Arlo : Out Of The Tunnel
Diary entry posted Sat 5:40am 28 January 2006

Friday 27th January 2006

Well it had to come, didn't it? THAT day. THE one. The day of finally emerging from that dark, dark tunnel and coming out into the bright sunshine day of the normal, living, breathing world.

So, here I stand, blinking mole-like as the glare of a normal life surrounds me. The tunnel of pain, highs and lows, ups and downs, stands behind me.

I'm free.

Well, wonderful metaphors aside, let me describe in simple, plain English what the above "swallowed the complete works of Shakespeare" garble is about.

I went to see my OS today for my routine 6 weekly check-in and check-up. I had good feelings about today; my body had sort of given it away, in my ability to do more "normal" stuff.

After taking my first few tentative, unassisted baby steps just after Christmas, I had this mental image in my mind of walking in to my OS's office completely unassisted for the next appointment. I had obviously planted a subconcious, subliminal image in my head, cos it worked!

I walked into his office, holding my one crutch loosely in my left hand, and the smile on my OS's face told me all I needed to know. He sent me off for x-rays and when I came back with them, he looked at them and announced, "I don't need to see you any more! Drop me a line in 6 months time to let me know how you're getting on!". And that was it!

I was given advice not to run, jump or play sports for the next 6 months, but after that, I could do anything I wanted to. I didn't have the nerve to contradict him when he mentioned all these activities, cos (being honest), I didn't do a fair lot of any of that even before the accident lol.

I asked for and was given all of my x-rays and CAT scans for my leg and shoulder and when I can find a suitable backlit light source, I will take photos and upload them somewhere so people can see how my leg looked.

So I now need some recommendations as to what flowers I should plant in my Darth boot, cos I can't think of anything else to do with it, other than being a container for umbrellas.

Well I was officially discharged by the OS then, but I also forgot to say that earlier in the day, I had a home visit from the community physio who helped me so much with the shoulder. He was only supposed to help me in the first 6 weeks after getting home (going back to June '05) but he personally wanted to keep checking in on me, and I certainly wouldn't have got the ROM in my shoulder that I have now if it wasn't for him. So anyway, he observes me walking and tells me that he is very impressed with the manner of my walking. Ok, it's a little slow, but with hardly a trace of a limp as I'd rather have quality over quantity. The speed will progress as the strength increases. He gives me some strengthening exercises to boost the calf muscle and some stretching exercises to loosen the ligaments and tendons in the foot and ankle, and he then discharges me from his care!

So I'm now facing a month or two of PT to loosen the foot and ankle and strengthen the leg. My first PT is scheduled for next week (2nd Feb 2006) and thereafter at weekly intervals.

I will keep the diary up to date as the PT progresses, but needless to say, I'm on Nuage Neuf (Cloud 9 to all non-French speaking people lol).

Never again will I take my mobility for granted again, and will be forever grateful for every God-given step that I lay down on the ground.

Will I ever ride motorcycles again? Hmmm. Tough one that. I'm not undeterred, but the wisdom and benefit of a 7 month journey of pain takes the edge off of the shiny sheen. I will probably have a little go and then leave it behind me, leaving it closed in the chapter in the story of my life that is approaching the "Epilogue" section.

To all of you either just starting out or struggling to cope with your BL experience, have faith. The passage of time can be unbearable at times, as my diary will bear testimony to, but the old saying that "time is a great healer", is (for me anyway), never more truer.

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 Sat 5:40am 28 January 2006
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