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Arlo : Weather Forecaster
Diary entry posted Fri 7:26am 17 March 2006

Hello constant reader. The date is the 17th March 2006, St. Patrick's Day so the pubs here in England (and Ireland) will be full to capacity with people falling over themselves and their pints of Guiness.

It should be the beginnings of spring here in the UK, with daffodils poking their heads up out of the earth, dewy mornings developing into hazy semi-warm days.

But it's not.

It's bloody freezing here and it's desperately been trying to snow all day. Seasons are all turned on their heads it would appear, and since my accident I've developed an eerie sense of weather prediction. I don't need a sixth sense to tell me when the barometer is going to hit rock bottom or if the skies are going to fill up with wet stuff; I can solely rely on the trusy titanium rod screwed into my humerus to tell me all I need to know about the upcoming weather.

See, the thing is, when the weather is about to change for the worse, my entire shoulder and upper arm aches like a @@!##@& (note to the moderators - I edited myself here lol).

I don't know if this is something that is going to persist and will just have to play it by ear, but if it continues in the same manner, I will seriously have to review whether or not to reapproach my OS to get the rod taken out.

Apart from the aching arm on cold and wet days, the BL healing process (literally) continues apace. I am now totally, officially crutch and cane free everywhere I go and can now also manage to go up and down stairs consecutively. If the stairs are less than wide, I will go UP consecutively but will still come DOWN one at a time. My BL seems to be getting stronger daily as the atrophied muscles are exercised. The swelling, too, at the end of each day is getting much, much better and is assisted by the fact that I now wear flight (compression) socks to help out in that department. I am wearing two regular shoes again, but need a shoe horn to gently ease the shoe onto the foot of the BL but this is getting easier on a daily basis too.

So overall, I am really pleased with my progress and will continue to slowly improve, I'm sure. I have the advice of my OS firmly planted in my brain to TAKE IT EASY which I fully intend to do.

I will continue to post the odd update on here regarding my progress and my OS asked me to email him on the year anniversary of my accident which will be 21st June 2006. Wow, it seems an age ago that all of this happened. Even when I re-read some of my old diary entries, I find it difficult to believe that I went through all of that - I guess as human beings, we're very good at quickly forgetting about the bad stuff and very good at remembering the good stuff.

That's no bad thing.

So again, in a similar vein to my last couple of posts, I hope that this recent entry gives people who are still going through the pain and agony of their BL experience some hope that indeed:-

"This too soon shall pass".

Good luck, warm wishes and happy healthy healing to all.

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 Fri 7:26am 17 March 2006
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