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Arlo : 1 Year
Diary entry posted Thu 2:10pm 22 June 2006

Wow, has it gone by that quickly? Seems so.

For the record, it's been a shade (ok, one day) over 1 year since I involuntarily threw myself up the road at 60mph after unceromoniously parting company with my motorcycle and snapping my right leg in two in the process, not to mention crumbling the proximal humerus on my left arm to powder.

Happy days ... not.

What a weary path, packed full of highs and lows, I have trod in the past 365 days. My diary herein is testimony to that.

I was going to take 21st June 2006 off work and contemplate my good fortune that I'm still drawing breath and my heart is still beating and my brain is still functioning (some that know me might dispute that, lol), but in the end I decided not to; some anniversaries need to be cherised, remembered etc, but this doesn't fall into that category i.e. "the day I nearly died". I went into work as normal, yesterday (21st June 2006) and did a normal days work, totally unremarkable in every way, save for the fact that the simple act of getting up in the morning, getting myself downstairs, dressed, washed, drive myself work etc was all carried out in the unconscious way in which we embark upon the mundane in our everyday lives without the hindrance of the life-changing impact of a BL.

So, 1 year on, here's what I can do:-
- Drive a car and get in and out of it easily
- Go up and down any stairs consecutively
- Walk without much trace of a limp
- Perform a half walk/run (quite funny to watch lol)
- Use my left arm and shoulder with 95% efficiency (I still have an IM nail in my humerus)

Here's what I can't do, although I'm working on it:-
- Kneel down comfortably
- Crouch down
- Run
- Get through a damp day without my shoulder aching!

Overall, I have a LOT to be grateful for and am approaching a level of normality that I never ever envisaged attaining. Careful progressive physio on my right leg and ankle will help me stretch the unobliging tendons and further develop the atrophied muscles in my right leg that grow stronger every day.

Just under a year ago, I thought I'd received a life prison sentence and imagined that the pain, suffering and disability would be everlasting. One year on, I'm so glad to say to myself, "You were wrong".

Hang in there people, it isn't forever, although sometimes it may FEEL that way. I hope this diary entry brings hope to anyone who is despairing at their own predicament.

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 Thu 2:10pm 22 June 2006
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