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Comment : Nearly 7 years on ... wow
Posted by Arlo on Fri 8:16am 24 February 2012

I cannot believe that it's been nearly 7 years since my accident. It really does seem like it happened in another lifetime. I guess in a real sense, taking into account what has happened in my life in the past 7 years, it really WAS in a different lifetime.

So, in short, apart from a 3 inch scar and associated numbness at the scar site, you wouldn't know that I'd ever broken my leg - my recovery has been virtually that complete.

I can walk, run, exercise (sometimes LOL) and do pretty much everything that I used to do before breaking my leg.

I don't ride motorcycles anymore and have no desire to do so either.

I went away to work at sea onboard cruise ships in 2007 (working with computers, my passion) and met my (now) beautiful wife, Shelly onboard the Queen Mary 2 - she was working in the spa onboard the ship. We married in August 2009 and are now settled on land living in Michigan.

I'm reposting now because one of our dear neighbors' daughter sadly broke her leg pretty badly very recently and it put everything back into perspective for me. God Bless and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Marcie!

So, there it is - recovery is not only possible - it is a fact. I am living, breathing proof of that. Have faith, trust and most importantly, PATIENCE - it takes time to heal. Let those that love you take care of you - after all, YOU would do the same for them if the roles were reversed.

Happy healing to everyone :)

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 Fri 8:16am 24 February 2012
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