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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: DITTO!
Posted by Ashlee H on Thu 5:54pm 5 January 2012

I am so sorry it has been sooo long since I replied but I honestly forgot I even had a diary on here!!! Well I play in Michigan . And I have had so much happen to me! Well since I last talked to you I had called my surgeon and he said that at that time i could try and walk with out my boot as long as it wasnt painful so I didn't have to wear it to florida or on the first day of school!!! Thank goodness but i still walked with a limp because my scar tissue prevented me from moving my ankle or it really hurt. Then that day I went to see him and he told me that i wasn't healing as quickly as possible and my range basically sucked so next on was physical therapy but I started attempting soccer practices. At least trying to run a bit and pass the ball. Then as phisical therapy went on i didn't notice much improvement but they did which was good enough for me. I hated it so much except the last weeks they realized that i wanted to play the earliest game possible so we did sprints and ball handling which wasnt half bad but i hope i never have to do physical therapy again! And after i still couldn't even hop on my left foot but now i can! well after a couple practices when i started to be able to run, my coach pulled me aside and told me i had to start doing more running outside of practice which i knew was coming but in late november after the first indoor session began i started training at the training center in our Soccer complex and i have come so far. The only problem is that i can't remember how fast i used to be before all of this happened so i have to keep working until my coach thinks i am where i used to be but we have a different coach than last year and the only time he had seen me play before was at tryouts... well i hope your progress is going well and again sorry this is WAYYY overdue

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 Thu 5:54pm 5 January 2012
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