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Comment : Watch the winter weather!
Posted by Brian D on Thu 4:46pm 13 January 2005

Hi Audrey,
It sounds like a good prognosis for your complete recovery. Be thankful for no surgery and the complications it often brings. I see that youíre pretty far up north and will have to deal with the snow. My advice to you is to be extremely careful when you venture outside.

Iím almost 4 weeks into recovery from a fairly bad ankle fracture and am in a long leg cast. The weather here has been snowy and wet and I have fallen once and had many close calls outside. I thought I was in pretty good shape, but venturing outside wears me down really quickly and my sense of balance isnít as good. My first cast was put on while I was sedated didnít have a lot of bend in the knee, and it seemed like my foot would catch on the ground. Once when I was really tired, it grabbed and I almost went backwards. That was scary! Plus, I couldnít get into the car to drive (we wonít discuss the legalities of that!) Steps were tough too.

When the time came for a new cast, I asked the doctor to put as much bend in the knee as possible to make getting around easier (I didnít mention the driving). It was amazing that my knee stiffened up so much in the first three weeks that I couldnít even bend the knee on my own. He casted from toes to knee to get good support on the ankle (oh, how I wish that was only as far as it had to go), once the ankle was firmed up, an assistant forced more bend in the knee while he wrapped the rest up. I was surprised how quickly the whole process was completed. I could tell the minute I set foot back on the ground that the additional bend in the knee would make a world of difference getting around.

I finally got behind the wheel again and made some short trips. I still got exhausted fast but had good stability. I two weeks, Iíll get another X-ray and hope for the best. I went back to work with the aid of a wheelchair. That was a humbling decision to make but it worked out OK.

What is your prognosis for recovery? It seems like most people spend about 6 weeks in the leg cast then rapidly move into a boot and then physical therapy. Thatís what Iím hoping for.

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 Thu 4:46pm 13 January 2005
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