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Comment : Re: Re: Watch the winter weather!
Posted by Brian D on Wed 3:23pm 19 January 2005

Hi Audrey,
I broke my ankle during a volleyball game when two of us jumped for a spike and my foot came down crooked and another player came down on top of me. It is more of a recreational group but some people really like to play the game seriously. When I hobbled off the court the night of the accident, nobody, including myself, thought it was more than a bad sprain.

I went last week to visit the group during practice and go through the customary cast signing routine. When they saw my whole leg in a cast, they realized it wasnít just a simple injury, and some undoubtedly regretted joking about it that night. I get tired of everybody asking how it happened, what is broken, how long till Iím out of the cast, how much pain, etc. When I was at the orthopedic doctors the last time, there was someone there that had a diary of the broken leg written all over the cast, except it said ďDonít ask how this happened.Ē Thatís not a bad idea! My friends have pretty much written over my whole cast. At a time when youíre feeling down and out, its nice to look at your cast and be reminded of people that care about you.

Otherwise, Iím hanging in there, and looking forward to my next appointment in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, Iíll have good bone growth my knee will be free to move and things will start looking good.

One thing Iíve found is that people really want to help you if they can, especially when they see what a struggle you have to get around. Your friends will probably see to it that youíre well assisted when you go back to school.

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 Wed 3:23pm 19 January 2005
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