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Comment : Re: Watch out
Posted by Brian D on Thu 10:44am 20 January 2005

A great way to prevent cold toes, especially when you have to go outside, is to buy some of those toe warmers that they sell to put in your shoe. They last 6-8 hours and are great. I put on a big wool sock, put in a warmer and wear a big Velcro cast boot that I bought on the Internet. Its not fashionable, but it sure is comfortable.
The first, and only time, I ventured outside without my boot, I dragged my foot through a puddle and really soaked it good. The cast liner and padding absorbed the water like a sponge and it seemed like it took two days to dry out.

You are totally right about those cast freaks. They even have clubs set up and run them like businesses! There are even sites of people with amputation pictures too! Sometimes, you worry about all of this weirdo stuff and the kids that see it. They good thing about being a guy is that nobody cares about my ugly cast and we don’t have to be fashionable while laid up.

These freaks should be able to enjoy some of the other “fun” that you go through, like surgery or fracture reduction, pain medication, infections, trying to get washed, not being able to work and the nice medical bills, etc. Personally, the most humiliating experience for me was accepting that I need a wheelchair to make it through the ordeal safely.

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 Thu 10:44am 20 January 2005
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