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Comment : Get well!
Posted by Liz_M on Mon 12:39am 11 April 2005

hi Audrey,
Glad the surgery was a sucess! How's school? I'm 27, went back to school and trying to finish. It's been 8 weeks since my injury. My story is kinda uneventful too, no sports injury either. I just fainted and fell in the doorway. My leg kinda folded under and hit the hardwood or the doorway and I think my other leg landed on top of it...

I haven't had surgery, hopefully it'll be aligned, but you never know...Are you still in the long cast? I'm in one below the knee. I think 2 more months. Doc estimated 4-6 months in the cast...that was a little shocking, but it'll be better eventually. I had a spiral fx in my tib/fib so it takes longer.
Thats cool you and your friend are EMTs. You knew exactly what to do and know if there's something wrong. I'm on the couch or bed a lot with the laptop. I get pretty bored too, maybe I'll see you on chat. Good luck going to school,
Take care,

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 Mon 12:39am 11 April 2005
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