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Comment : Re: Re: On the road to recovery
Posted by Michelle on Fri 5:24pm 15 June 2007

Hi Bonnie,
I remember you mentioning this website. So I thought I would take a chance and see if you had posted your story. :) I found it and thought I would check in and say hi. I put my email address in the email section. Are you not able to see it? If not let me know and I will put it in my next message to you. That is good you got a chance to drive before you go out on your own. I was really scared too. I kept thinking that someone was going to hit me and my leg was going to be crushed. What weird thoughts huh!! It does get better though. I thought I would never get through it. But I did. Even though I know things will never be the same again. I guess I am just thankful at this point that I was able to walk again. I don't mind talking about it. Especially to those who really can understand what I went through. Believe me everyday I am reminded of the injury. My leg will never look the same. I do not think my scars will ever heal right. No more shorts for me. I hope all goes good at PT tomorrow. Bonnie it really does get better. Just hang in there and keep your head up. Thanks for your encouraging words to me. Have a great weekend and let me know about my email address (if it shows up) Michelle

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 Fri 5:24pm 15 June 2007
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